Morgans Hotel Group


Property: CLIFT
Location: San Francisco, Ca

We recruited Kevin to lead the sales and marketing effort at Clift and to take the property to a new level of customer engagement and revenue generation. Immediately Kevin embarked on a very proactive and strategic approach to new markets, new customers and further defining and enhancing the Clift brand.

With Kevin leading the team, success with revenue generation and new business was evident from the beginning. The property performance improved and Clift was awarded hotel of the year for financial performance. Clift team satisfaction also improved and Kevin led sales and catering restructuring to enable the team to find new customers and sources of revenue.

Kevin was a good leader for us and really leveraged all his business acumen and leadership to do some great things at Clift. I would highly recommend him.

Brian Jones
Vice President of Sales, MHG

I worked with Kevin through his several years here at CLIFT. He was a joy to work with, and had some amazing successes during his time here. One of the most notable was getting CLIFT’s wedding space ad on the back page Knot Magazine for an extended period of time.
From his first day with us he was a indefatigable director or his department. He was here first thing in the morning and was usually one of the last to leave. He was always looking for new ways to promote CLIFT and I had the joy of working on a few of those projects with him. He always showed a great positive attitude and was a joy to work with.

David Rice
Chief Concierge, MHG

While working as the Director of Global Sales Consortia at Morgans Hotel Group I had the great pleasure witnessing how Kevin’s strategies & planning techniques in sales and catering helped drive revenues and break into new market segments at Clift. Kevin’s efforts shifted the hotel out from an underperforming hotel in the MHG profile prior his employment to winning hotel of the year in February 2012 for financial excellence in 2011.

Sybilla Burkley
Director of Global Sales, MHG

Kevin is a creative genius who is passionate about marketing and sales. He is a visionary in strategizing, planning, and restructuring. He helped lead our sales office to drive revenue and garner new business markets which lead to our hotel winning hotel of the year in February 2012 for financial excellence in 2011.

Jamie Edwards
Catering Sales Manager, MHG

“Kevin is a great guy, with the right attitude, and a deep understanding of the Hotel industry”.

Joe Ruhnke
Accounting Manager , MHG

Kevin was such a pleasure to work with during my time at SHN. We set-up a full year partnership for the hotel and all 3 theatres. Negotiating a contact went smoothly and the work Kevin put into the contract was top notch. He was open to creative ideas that many people in his industry would have thought one was crazy for. He is a risk taker and a wonderful manager. I really hope down the line our paths cross again to work together.

Sammie Baime
Marketing Assistant – Shorenstein Hays Nederlander Theaters